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Donor Trees

Tree of Life

The 300-leaf Tree of Life pictured above is a classic design that allows for a wide range of presentation shapes and accommodates a large number of donor names. This carefully crafted Tree of Life can provide the perfect way to:

  • Recognize contributors to a building fund or fund-raising campaign
  • Honor contributors to an endowment fund
  • Salute individuals or groups for outstanding service or achievements
  • Create a tasteful memorial

The Tree of Life is so successful because the donor’s personalized message that will be on display forever.

The Tree of Life’s trunk is magnificent cast bronze. Its leaves are miniature brass plaques that we custom engrave for mounting on sculpted plexiglass backgrounds. The result is elegant and economical.

Recognition Products

Tree of Life

Let Cave Company show you how to enhance your fundraising efforts with the Tree of Life. For example, with a 200-leaf tree with each leaf selling for $500.00, would earn $100,000.00!

A modest investment in a Tree of Life has returned as much as 1000 %! You determine the value of each leaf to meet your fund-raising goals.

Example for this 300-leaf Tree:

  • Each leaf @ $200 x 300 leaves = $ 60,000
  • Each leaf @ $500 x 300 leaves = $150,000
  • Who says Money doesn’t grow on Trees?

The 300-Leaf Tree can pay for itself in an extraordinarily short time–while requiring a minimum outlay of capital. As your campaign gains momentum and you fill your Tree’s first 300 leaves, you can add matching 50-leaf sections to recognize additional people.

These churches have already raised upwards of $500,000 and $1,000,000!

Tree of Life Cave Company
Tree of Life Palm Tree

What Our Clients Are Saying

Tree of Life
  • We were very pleased at the complete off-site restoration of our one hundred year old church pews that was completed by The Cave Company. I am happy to say that there was no detail left untouched and the quality of the work with this immense project was by far above and beyond our expectations. I would recommend The Cave Company for not just pew restoration, but for complete interiors including painting and restoration of the entire church.

    St. Paul The Apostle Church (NYC)
  • We were delighted with the installation of our Tree of Life with the Cave Company that has raised over one million dollars for our capital campaign. The Tree of Life was greeted with great enthusiasm and has enabled us to restore and refinish our church.

    Cave Company Satisfied Client
  • It was a pleasure working with Gregory Cave and his staff of experienced, skilled craftsmen. From the beginning of our project, throughout the entire stage of our church restoration, Mr. Cave was on-site giving us advice, ideas and cost estimates. He followed through to completion of the entire restoration and decoration of our 125-year-old church.

    Cave Company Satisfied Client

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