Sanctuaries, Statues, Brassware & Pews

St. Patrick's Bayshore
St. Hugh of Lincoln Huntington

Sanctuary Restoration


These photographs exhibit the best of Cave Company’s artistic and decorative capabilities, including extensive gold leaf application, detail stenciling, and the rejuvenation of statuary and marble. The marble appointments shown where previously altar rails and rear altars which were all re-cut and reassembled to meet the requirements of the new liturgical environment.

We take great pride in our craftsmanship so you can take great pride in your newly renovated sacred space! Call or write us with any questions you may have regarding sanctuary remodeling….we have the answers!

Here is an example of our pew restoration as well as our fine art decoration including custom stencils and 24-karat gold details throughout.

Statuary & Sacred Art Restoration


Let Cave Company restore your sacred artwork regardless of the poor condition they’re in, we can make them look brand new again. The investment is small and the outcome is spectacular. Please send us photos so as to quote on a complete restoration.

Brassware Restoration


Most Metalware can be refinished for far less than the cost of new. Our craftsmen are trained to restore items of old manufacture, discontinued items and products of other manufacture as well as ours.

This tabernacle’s lock was destroyed when vandalized. The damage was repaired, a new lock installed and the entire tabernacle was refinished to a condition as good or better than brand new.

These items had been stored in a sacristy closet for years. We repaired the damage, refinished the items. The church now has “new” appointments and the congregation can enjoy service with “old friends”.
This old crucifix was broken when it was dropped. We repaired the damaged cross, added some coloring and a new stronger joiner.

Brassware Restoration Cave Company

Pew Refinishing


Old and antique pews are by far built better with longer lasting joints and construction than anything that is available new. Cave Company will completely restore and refinish your church pews, regardless of their existing condition. Please contact us for details. We specialize in on-site and off-site restoration.

Pew Refinishing Cave Company

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • We were very pleased at the complete off-site restoration of our one hundred year old church pews that was completed by The Cave Company. I am happy to say that there was no detail left untouched and the quality of the work with this immense project was by far above and beyond our expectations. I would recommend The Cave Company for not just pew restoration, but for complete interiors including painting and restoration of the entire church.

    St. Paul The Apostle Church (NYC)
  • We were delighted with the installation of our Tree of Life with the Cave Company that has raised over one million dollars for our capital campaign. The Tree of Life was greeted with great enthusiasm and has enabled us to restore and refinish our church.

    Cave Company Satisfied Client
  • It was a pleasure working with Gregory Cave and his staff of experienced, skilled craftsmen. From the beginning of our project, throughout the entire stage of our church restoration, Mr. Cave was on-site giving us advice, ideas and cost estimates. He followed through to completion of the entire restoration and decoration of our 125-year-old church.

    Cave Company Satisfied Client

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