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Tree of Life

Donor Recognition Trees & Plaques

These carefully crafted Trees of Life can provide the perfect way to:

  • Recognize contributors to a building fund or fund-raising campaign
  • Honor contributors to an endowment fund
  • Salute individuals or groups for outstanding service or achievements
  • Create a tasteful memorial

Let Cave Company show you how to enhance your fundraising efforts with the Tree of Life. For example, with a 200-leaf tree with each leaf selling for $500.00, would earn $100,000.00!

A modest investment in a Tree of Life has returned as much as 1000 %! You determine the value of each leaf to meet your fund-raising goals.

Example for this 300-leaf Tree:

  • Each leaf @ $200 x 300 leaves = $ 60,000
  • Each leaf @ $500 x 300 leaves = $150,000

Life Size Statuaries

Incredible Values on Marble & Bronze Statuary

Custom made and manufactured within four months of supplying us with an image or subject desired.

Bronze is manufactured in the lost wax method that previously has taken as long as one year and well over $100,000. We fabricate these for $33,000 or less and delivery within four months.

For Marble Statuary, please submit your desired subject and contact us for quotations and prices.

Electric Candle Stand

Church Candles

Electric Church Candle Stands & Oil Burning Candles

CaveCo electric votive candle stands are elegant and sturdy furniture. Each stand contains 57 candles (57 large or 57 small; or 28 large and 29 small). The bulbs are standard type and their light flickers like live flame. Thanks to a voltage reducing device, there is less power consumption and the bulbs last for many years.

The technical assembly of the CaveCo stands is both so simple and so sturdy that it virtually eliminates all maintenance and operation problems. You simply have to plug the stand into any regular wall outlet and it is ready to operate. To use it, the faithful just have to deposit their offerings and press on the button of their chosen candle: it will burn for the full preset duration.

Like all our clients, you will be delighted with the electric votive candle stands. You will want to replace all your wax candle stands without delay. CaveCo can also suggest many other clean and safe lighting accessories, as well as other decorative and religious articles.

Poor Boxes

Perma-Vault Collection Protection

  • Patented interchangeable slide-off tops can be rotated from vault to vault for additional security
  • Anti-fish baffle deters unauthorized removal (see cutaway photograph)
  • Cash slots for easy insertion
  • No mechanical components to wear
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Unique design permits bolting & mounting to structurally sound surface
  • Medeco Locking System:
    • Restricted keyways protect against unauthorized key duplication
    • Virtually pickproof
    • Keys removable only in locked position
    • Custom key control systems designed to your specifications:
      • Master keyed
      • Keyed alike
      • Keyed different

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