Electric & Oil Church Candles

 Generates A Full Time Income Stream For The Church While Eliminating The High Priced Fire Insurance Premiums

Electric Candle Stand

Electric & Electronic Votive Candles


CaveCo electric votive candle stands are elegant and sturdy furniture. Each stand contains 60 or 30 candles. The bulbs are LED type and their light flickers like live flame. Thanks to a voltage reducing device, there is less power consumption and the bulbs last for many years.

The technical assembly of the CaveCo stands is both so simple and so sturdy that it virtually eliminates all maintenance and operation problems. You simply have to plug the stand into any regular wall outlet and it is ready to operate. To use it, the faithful just have to deposit their offerings and press on the button of their chosen candle: it will burn for the full preset duration.

Made To Your Specifications


Like all our clients, you will be delighted with the electric votive candle stands. You will want to replace all your wax candle stands without delay. CaveCo can also suggest many other clean and safe lighting accessories, as well as other decorative and religious articles.

Oil Burning Candles

Let us ship your oil candle needs:

  • 40 hour, 60 hour,90 hour, and 170 hour burning time
  • Sanctuary, Alter, Advent, and Paschal
  • All tubes and accessories

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • We were very pleased at the complete off-site restoration of our one hundred year old church pews that was completed by The Cave Company. I am happy to say that there was no detail left untouched and the quality of the work with this immense project was by far above and beyond our expectations. I would recommend The Cave Company for not just pew restoration, but for complete interiors including painting and restoration of the entire church.

    St. Paul The Apostle Church (NYC)
  • We were delighted with the installation of our Tree of Life with the Cave Company that has raised over one million dollars for our capital campaign. The Tree of Life was greeted with great enthusiasm and has enabled us to restore and refinish our church.

    Cave Company Satisfied Client
  • It was a pleasure working with Gregory Cave and his staff of experienced, skilled craftsmen. From the beginning of our project, throughout the entire stage of our church restoration, Mr. Cave was on-site giving us advice, ideas and cost estimates. He followed through to completion of the entire restoration and decoration of our 125-year-old church.

    Cave Company Satisfied Client

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